Piano Key Top Services

I am pleased to provide professional Key Top Replacement services as well as Ebony and Ivory Restoration services for my clients. From single keys, to entire sets of tops, fronts and sharps, I utilize only the highest quality materials available. When Piano Key Tops are replaced, care is taken to resurface the key-stick to ensure that when the new Key Tops are glued on, the thickness of the key will be the same as it was prior to removal of the old tops. This essential step will allow your piano to play with the same touch control it had prior to installing the new Key Tops.

Quality workmanship is critical when replacing Piano Key Tops, as they are not only one of the most aesthetically important parts of the piano, but are the foundation for an exacting regulation of the piano’s action. I take extra care to make sure your new Key Tops are filed to match the key-sticks, smoothed, and then buffed to a high shine, or rubbed to a satin finish as requested.

Registered Piano Technician        Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer


A set of refurbished Ivory Keytops and Genuine Ebony sharps. Note one sharp has been buffed to a high shine, the other was finished with a satin rub.